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The United Benefice of Orsett, Bulphan and Horndon-on-the-Hill
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Where can I get married?

You can legally marry for the first time in a Church of England church in the parish where either bride or groom currently lives or in a church where you are regular worshippers. The new Marriage Act of 2008 adds other options. Now you can also claim a qualifying connection if either the bride or groom

  • was christened in that church
  • was prepared for Confirmation in that parish
  • lived in the parish for six months
  • had a parent or grandparent married in the church
  • had a parent who lived in the parish for six months during the lifetime of the bride or groom
  • had a parent who was a regular worshipper in the parish for six months during the lifetime of the bride or groom

Because Orsett, Bulphan and Horndon-on-the-Hill are a United Benefice, you can marry in any of our lovely country churches if you qualify in any of the three parishes.

What if I'm divorced?

There are certain circumstances in which people can be married for a second time following a divorce. The Rector will be happy to discuss individual circumstances with you in privacy.

How do I arrange a wedding?

The first step is to contact the Rector by email (

For further information, see the Church of England website



Rev Sue Mann

Tel. 01375 891254

Associate Priest

Rev Max (Steven) Blake

Tel. 01375 360522